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How to Port a Google Voice Number to T-Mobile


So recently I had the urge to move my Google Voice number to T-Mobile Digits. In this article Im going to walk you through how to port the number out and complete the process.

The first thing I did was call T- Mobile (611). I first talked to a person who really didn’t understand me so I decided to call again until I got to my Minnesota experts. I told the nice man I would like to port my Google Voice number to T- Mobile Digits. He said he would be able to help me. He gave me some inside information on how to port your number.


  1. Go to https://www.google.com/voice/unlock and request to unlock your Google Voice Number. You may have to pay a $3 fee to unlock your number. Have a credit card handy!
  2. Speak with a T-Mobile expert on porting a number to T- Mobile Digits.
  3. The representative may ask you for the Number, Account Number, and pin. Give them your Google Voice number for the account number. My representative told me the pin for google voice numbers is “1234”.
  4. Billing information. My representative had to read me a policy paper. Then he asked me for my credit card to verify. They did not charge me for this! He told me the digits line would be $15 per month and $10 with autopay enabled.
  5. The waiting game! The porting process takes 12-48 hours to complete.
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