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B Tag Inc Apps @ Work Policy


B Tag Inc Apps @ Work – Google G-Suite (formally Google Apps)

Employee’s are entitled to a btaginc.com email address. This is included at no additional cost, limit 1 per employee. Please see our B Tag Inc Apps @ Work/ G-Suite policy.

  • All B Tag Inc Apps @ Work managed G-Suite accounts are required to have a password of 8 – 100 characters. 2-step authentication or 2-factor authentication is also required.
  • Employees are expected to respond in a timely manner.
  • Under no circumstance should any threatening or inappropriate form of communication be formed via btaginc.com. Violating these terms can result to termination of your account.
  • All form of communication for business purposes must be routed through the btaginc.com email client. Failure to comply can lead to termination. This means if you are communicating with a client that conversation is only permitted under the B Tag Inc email client.
  • If you or any one of your co-workers believe you have violated our TOC we require you to lay notice with administrations.
  • All communications between you and clients, co-workers, etc. are monitored for quality assurance and record keeping. Only use your B Tag Inc Apps @ Work G-Suite account for business purposes.
  • Previously B Tag Inc did not allow the use of Hangouts, as of Wednesday, May 9, 2018 we now require customer meetings to be processed via Google Meet.    
  •  We hold the right to inspect or search a employees B Tag Inc G-Suite account. We will give a 24 hour notice before entering a employees account. During that 24 hour window the employees account will be suspended (unable to login).
  • If you believe your B Tag Inc G-Suite account has been compromised DO NOT change your password. Contact administrations immediately. They will temporarily suspend your account while we investigate. Then they will issue a 1 time password to access your account.

Last updated: Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

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