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Notice of Policy Update: Team Viewer


Good Afternoon everyone,

My name is Alexander J. Morrison, CEO of B Tag Inc. As of today Wednesday, May 9th, 2018 we have made a very important update to the way we offer private lessons and technical support. As many of you know we host all of our support and private lessons via TeamViewer. We have concluded after looking into some issues with TeamViewer it would be best for us to move away.

We do not believe there is any threat to users with TeamViewer. We have noticed an issue where having TeamViewer installed on a computer may involentarly lower your speakers volume requiring you to restart your computer. Even when the app is closed it still overrides this command.

Another issue is TeamViewer has a habit of launching at the start of boot up causing the program to freeze and to go into a loop of quitting and relaunching. It is in our best interest to leave TeamViewer.

Going forward we have evaluated many services and came to a conclusion with pricing set aside that Google’s new feature Google Meet is the best route. The session’s are no longer recorded for client privacy along with a web phone access. We also like that there isn't a piece of software you have to download to use. Just using Google Chrome a popular web browser.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to hear about our new policy and plan of action.

Alexander J. Morrison

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