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Technical Support Scams


It has been reported to us that some of our customers who have shared information about their technical issues on our public Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page have received phone calls, and/ or emails from someone claiming to be B Tag Inc Technical Support or calling from a company calling on behalf of B Tag Inc, where the person asks for personal information including credit card numbers. To spot these issues head on we encourage you to check the senders information.

A B Tag Inc Technical Support agent will NEVER ask you to download a piece of software to access your computer or phone. We use Google Meet a software less web service. 


- All legitimate emails will greet you by the name associated with your B Tag Inc Account.

- The email will be sent from a legitimate B Tag Inc email address domain. (All legitimate domains).

- The email will never ask you for a credit card or social security number.


Phone Calls:

- All legitimate phone calls will be from a trusted B Tag Inc Phone Number. If you would like to see if a phone number is legit you may go to https://btaginc.com and click the spyglass at the top right hand corner and enter the phone number. (use 1-555-555-5555 format).

- Phone calls will greet you by the name associated with your B Tag Inc Account.

- The B Tag Inc Employee will be able to give you a legitimate ticket ID which then can be verified via B Tag Inc Support Center.


In other news:

Microsoft Scam

Another recent scam, the caller states that they are from Microsoft Tech Support and that they detected a serious virus on their computer. 

Hints on how to identify these scams include:

  • The scammer typically does not give is name and when pressed turns over the call to a "supervisor"

  • The scammer talks fast and with a sense of urgency in order to fake panic 

  • The scammer may say that "they detected malware or virus" on the computer and may even provide a product number of your computer (which is easy to find but they do not have your computer's unique SN)

  • The scammer may instruct you to type in a "code" which allows them to take over the computer (NEVER DO THIS)! 

  • The scammer demands that you give them a credit card number

PLEASE NOTE that B Tag Inc Technical Support or Microsoft tech support will NEVER ask for your credit card information. We are continuing to research this and find additional ways to stop this practice, but in the meantime, please use caution and common sense if you receive a suspicious phone call. 

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